Welcome to my dinky website

Hi, my name is Jamie and I’m here to be your one stop shop for all things creative. Whether you’re starting a business and need a logo, or you’re promoting an event that would benefit from a poster campaign, I’m your guy. That’s me on the right by the way, hiding behind the big blue logo looking all artsy, which is exactly the kind of person you’re looking for right? It is? Great!

I specialise mostly in branding however all types of projects are welcomed with open arms. I have a handful of fantastic creative associates as well as access to some great top of the range facilities so you can be confident that no matter what you require now or in the future, big or small, Jamie Design will have you covered.

Who am I?

As I said, I’m Jamie, the Jamie of Jamie Design no less. In short I’m a professional Graphic Designer with an obsession with detail and a brain exploding with creativity, most of the time anyway. I thoroughly enjoy the work I do and love how vast and varied that work can be. When you rock up to the door with your project in hand, I’ll be there ready, waiting and itching to get involved!

Hire me!

I’m always looking for new work so if you think you may require my services why not give me a bell? Feel free to call, email or head over to the Get In Touch page and fill out my quick and easy enquiry form. Whether you’d just like a quick chat or to arrange a meeting, we’ll get together, throw some ideas around and come up with the best solution for you and your needs.